Papa on front page?

2008-12-09 19:29:12 by mayshing

How does one get to front page here? By admin selection??? Or first round rating when it's under judgement?

I obviously didn't expect such a simple thing to make it there, but since it's there, I suppose it will enjoy all the bashing, criticism, and affirmation and so on. Seriously, I wouldn't have posted here if I wasn't prepared to get criticized, so... no hurting feeling there, I won't dwell on it. :) And thanks to all the thoughtful people, I got to know flash a little more now.

As for the sound track, it's from sound minor, a program with all the oldie ambiance in it, that's why it's so oldie feeling. It's not a rip because they are in public domain.

Papa is not a well done piece, but it's a cute little piece that involves decent acting. I would love to show the major film I am working on, but I don't feel newgrounds is a place for WIPs. I will post again when my new film with my best effort involved is done.

Papa on front page?


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2008-12-09 19:38:18

I think frontpage is chosen primarly by Tom Fulp, and by some other admins.
Congratulations on gotting it!

mayshing responds:

thanks. ^_^ Good to know Tom Fulp liked my animation.


2008-12-09 19:38:58

Lol, front page is determined by the admins, I believe Tom/Wade.

It means that they liked your submission and they want everyone to see it! It's such a great feeling, even if you didn't get an award.

Some things are better then awards ;)


mayshing responds:

thanks for telling me. :D
Yes, i agree, i rather be on front page first then my next favorite thing would be awards. ^_^


2008-12-09 20:47:39

i've never seen you before but i can tell this is amazing. reminds me of Code Gease
but a rougher and less tense with a hint of ur own technicality .
so yeh kool. im actualy getting a team together to make my own flash series so yeh l8s
-Reviewed by soon to be great flash designer


2008-12-10 15:53:47

front page is cool