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A bit lost in the navi

Posted by mayshing - October 6th, 2007

This is one of those sites that is easy to browse through the pretty flash, but hard to find where I should do what submitting a flash. lol~

I deleted my old flash (that's way too old) and submitted a recent one I just completed, "Chasing Autumn"

I have made quite a few flash before, but most of them are practices that can't be counted as finished pieces.

I am still not used to the rating system here. I understand it can be beneficial to promoting good art... but I never liked grades attach to art, and the rating system here reminds me of that.

Anyhow... perhaps if there's more people like bica01 and Snowman12003's encouragement, I will stay here longer.

I will try to bring my work upto the level of professional, to compete against all other great flash artists.

Comments (3)

Would you like more encouragement to stay here to make up from lack of other peoples encouragement??? (Lol) Seriously though, you shoulk keep at flash, make a full movie, your really good at animating, you could climb your way to the top and become known quickly with your skillz! And yet again, after your first few (or hundred ^_^) blam/ protects you will get used to the system.
Im still waiting to see more from you!!! Your a really good artist!!!

good job on papa and the door it was very funny.

glad you think it's funny, some people didnt. :)

I see that you've added 'These Pancakes Are Tiny' to your favs. You have good taste. lol