Entry #4

Sorry i have been away

2010-02-27 19:31:50 by mayshing

I haven't really been active here.... *looks at her inbox...

I think those notes have been there for so long (since 12.9.09) i am not going to bother replying... ^^b They should know.

All of the roles required voices in my animation has been recruited.

/* */
This is the almost finished version of the film, i need to go back to it by the end of the summer to improve it.

I am currently working on my thesis which should wrap up in april. I will post here on my journal that's about it. The film will be too big for newgrounds.


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2010-02-27 21:35:09

WOW your flashes and art works are very good!

I'm glad your back, even though I didn't know you were gone XD