Sorry i have been away

2010-02-27 19:31:50 by mayshing

I haven't really been active here.... *looks at her inbox...

I think those notes have been there for so long (since 12.9.09) i am not going to bother replying... ^^b They should know.

All of the roles required voices in my animation has been recruited.

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This is the almost finished version of the film, i need to go back to it by the end of the summer to improve it.

I am currently working on my thesis which should wrap up in april. I will post here on my journal that's about it. The film will be too big for newgrounds.

working on my animation

2009-02-06 23:14:17 by mayshing

Finished 11/42 scenes so far.... for my 1:30 music video...... *faints*

Here's a 1 second clip, lol~
Watch it at least twice to get the right timing... :/

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Papa on front page?

2008-12-09 19:29:12 by mayshing

How does one get to front page here? By admin selection??? Or first round rating when it's under judgement?

I obviously didn't expect such a simple thing to make it there, but since it's there, I suppose it will enjoy all the bashing, criticism, and affirmation and so on. Seriously, I wouldn't have posted here if I wasn't prepared to get criticized, so... no hurting feeling there, I won't dwell on it. :) And thanks to all the thoughtful people, I got to know flash a little more now.

As for the sound track, it's from sound minor, a program with all the oldie ambiance in it, that's why it's so oldie feeling. It's not a rip because they are in public domain.

Papa is not a well done piece, but it's a cute little piece that involves decent acting. I would love to show the major film I am working on, but I don't feel newgrounds is a place for WIPs. I will post again when my new film with my best effort involved is done.

Papa on front page?

A bit lost in the navi

2007-10-06 21:29:49 by mayshing

This is one of those sites that is easy to browse through the pretty flash, but hard to find where I should do what submitting a flash. lol~

I deleted my old flash (that's way too old) and submitted a recent one I just completed, "Chasing Autumn"

I have made quite a few flash before, but most of them are practices that can't be counted as finished pieces.

I am still not used to the rating system here. I understand it can be beneficial to promoting good art... but I never liked grades attach to art, and the rating system here reminds me of that.

Anyhow... perhaps if there's more people like bica01 and Snowman12003's encouragement, I will stay here longer.

I will try to bring my work upto the level of professional, to compete against all other great flash artists.